struct AABB


AABB = Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes

An AABB is defined by two points, @min and @max, and is part of every BoundedHitable. There it is used when constructing Hitable::BVHNodes

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Class Method Summary

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Constructor Detail

def, max) #

Create a new AABB from two points. There is no need to check if min < max.

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def #

Create an empty AABB. @min will be the largest possible point while @max will be the smallest possible one. This way the result of merging with another box is always equal to the other box

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Class Method Detail

def self.around(point : Point, radius : Float64) #

Create a AABB around some point

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def self.from_points(points : Array(Point)) #

Create an AABB wraping a list of points

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Instance Method Detail

def area : Float64 #

Surface area

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def centroid #

Center point of the AABB

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def diagonal : Vector #

Vector from @min to @max

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def fast_hit(ray : Ray) #

Check if a Ray intersects the AABB. This only returns true or false, not a HitRecord.

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def max : Point #

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def merge(other : AABB) #

Create a new AABB that wraps this and the other AABB

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def merge(other : Point) #

Create a new AABB that wraps this one and the some Point

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def min : Point #

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def offset(point : Point) : Point #

Relative position of a point inside the AABB. The result is a Point ranging from (0, 0, 0) to (1, 1, 1).

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